RSVP Luxury Card Packs

Delivering DIRECT MAIL to upscale prospects

Advertisers seeking to reach affluent households will find RSVP Luxury Card Packs one of their most
effective – and economical – media choices.

Personalized by the homeowner’s name and mailed four-to-six times per year, the packs contain promotional luxury cards from local, regional and national marketers.
RSVP mailers are delivered to households representing the top of single-family/owner-occupied home values of over 65 markets from coast-to-coast.

You can advertise to all 7+ million homeowners each quarter or select markets based on your distribution and/or campaign objectives, at a frequency that supports your goals.

The cost? Inclusive of design, printing, mailing and tracking, we’ll deliver your direct mail to the upscale for only pennies per home.


Greater spending power distinguishes RSVP audiences from those reached by mass mailers of discount coupons. So do their interests.

Benefiting from our proprietary database that factors in demographics, home values, expenditures, income, lifestyle data and more, you’ll reach prospects who:

  • Dine out often at casual and upscale restaurantsRSVP Restaurant Marketing For Melting Pot
  • Engage in home remodeling and redecorating
  • Express a strong interest in financial products
  • Own and care for one or several family pets
  • Pursue healthy lifestyles and physical fitness
  • Spend on entertainment from casinos to golf
  • Travel regularly for business and pleasure
  • Own and care for one or several family pets


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Enhance the EFFECTIVENESS or TRACK the responses of

your RSVP direct mail marketing campaigns

Ask us about these optional add-ons for your direct mail campaigns. Many find them an ideal way to complement their advertising with RSVP Luxury Card Packs.


By tracking a special phone number featured on your RSVP Cards, we’ll provide you with a monthly report of the calls that came in from a particular mailer.


We’ll compare the addresses of your retail and/or web purchasers to our mailing list to match RSVP Card recipients to actual buyers during specified time frames.


Reach homeowners in that critical period right after they move into a new house. Most are primed at that time to decorate, furnish … and purchase!


Deliver your message to exclusive audiences with oversized, standalone cards. They’re ideal for your limited-time offers and date-specific promotions.


Target consumers in areas closest to your retail location or job site. Personalized and oversized (9”x 6”) cards will capture their attention!